With decades of experience, we are not afraid to step out of our comfort zone and take on new challenges. We push ourselves to create a unique product every time, tailor made for any event or production. With our team and broad network of trusted partners, Reflexion can help you tell your story in the most engaging way possible. 


Productional Support
The event industry has become increasingly complex caused by technical challenges and growing regulations. Through the years we've build experience in tackling these challenges with growing efficiency. 

Stage & Concept Design
Stage and concept design has become increasingly important. Recently we've been working towards streamlining our creative proces, using rapid iteration prototyping to quickly create unique designs. We take pride in making our designs practical and feasible as they are exciting and appealing. 

Equipment Rental
Equipment rental is in our DNA. With decades of material experience and close contact with experts in the field on all sides, we can help you find just the right piece of equipment for the job. 

Custom Solutions
With a growing demand for unique experiences, it has become increasingly challenging to create such with existing hard and -software. Noticing this change in the market, we've made investments in knowledge and materials to create custom solutions, ready to take on a multitude of challenges, mainly in the interactive installation sphere.