Founded over three decades ago by Frank Schreurs, Reflexion, started out as a small PA rental company based out of his parents garage. Through the decades, Reflexion has outgrown the garage, working with a broad portfolio of clients, gaining priceless experience solving a wide range of challenges.

Solutions based, cross platform, rich media, wide range of technologies, 

clients don't care what speakers system, want creative input, want to distinguish themselves from competition, stage design, innovative tech, more interaction, create memorable moments, give your audience a reason to tweet about it, bare minimum is super professional and organized, doing everything right is assumed with us, 

 Looking to the future, we're working towards the next chapter of our story. With anticipation of a new era in event and entertainment, we are ready for fundamentally changing our ways whilst preserving our


DNA of creativity and innovation. 


Hoe je iets ervaart is dus afhankelijk van de presentatie. Hoe meer zintuigen je gebruikt, des te dieper de indruk en hoe sterker de overtuigingskracht. In belevingscommunicatie zit dé kracht van Reflexion Evenemententechniek:
het reflecteren van uw idee tot een boodschap die een blijvende indruk maakt
op de ontvanger.;

  • Equipment Rental

  • Productional Support

  • Stage design & preparation



  • Buro Pinkpop

  • Oktoberfeesten Sittard

  • Theater aan het Vrijthof

  • De Nederlandse Dansdagen

  • Poppodium De Nieuwe Nor Heerlen

  • Sint Rosa Festival

  • Mama's Pride Festival Geleen